Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Music Update

I've been off the seen for a while, all for a good reason, puppy love wasnt a come back, it was a reminder that im still here, and that im going through change. for a short period i lost my voice...and my voice got deeper. now my voice is back and its better then every studying to me the best of the best write now which to me is chris brown & omarions runs and range, trey's vibrato, and sammies runs. My writing has also gotten better being influenced by Verse simmonds , rock city, and the jackie boyz and the dream. but all these things don't change my creativity. i took the time out to think about where i wanna be in 2010 and what i want accomplished, im proud of my team right now, we got ride of people that might slow us down in the long run and we added people that will give us an advantage. You guys don't see me doing features with YOUR Favorite local rappers/Singers its simply the fact that features is going to take away the actual talent on the song. i need music heads to listen to my music, and then compare me to these major artist and a real music head would be able to tell you i can compete. im doing major features right now with some of your favorite artists not ALOT of your favorite artists because that would be a lie, more like 2 - 3. and im also Writing major write now, so 2010 you will see the money rolling in and my name rolling out. & just like every artists first album there is always push backs, and right now we canceled the first album, its no longer on my mind.
there's a lot of stuff planned out for the summer that's less of a risk. but my myspace has been sleeping because music lovers are getting lazier and don't like waiting on slow myspace players.
so for updates and music...check in on this blog site.

E-mail : For Inquiries about Songwriting Services or production services. nothing is free but nothing is expensive.

The Acting Scene

i know everyone is thinking im getting gassed off this one commercial, but its now something random i wanted to do. anyone who knows me .. knows i strive to do EVERYTHING! and right now...there's nothing in the popular entertainment i don't do.this way im promised a future in the entertainment music. anyways you will see me in a lot of short films, more commercial's self submitted will be always directed and filmed by Till Schliemann. and get ready for great things.

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